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Sheer Interior Window Shades

Do you want to give yourself complete control over how much sunlight is able to get into your home at any given time? This is something that is very important for many homeowners in South Florida. Boca Blinds can make it possible with our sheer interior window shades. These shades are custom-made with a special sheer fabric that will allow you to make any room in your home as light or dark as you want. We can help you pick out the best fabric for each of your rooms and design sheer shades that will fit your windows perfectly.

Benefits of Sheer Window Shades

From the moment you have them installed on your home’s windows, you’ll get to enjoy the many benefits of sheer window shades from Boca Blinds. Sheer shades will filter the light that comes into your home to provide you, your carpeting, your furniture, your walls, and more with protection from the sun’s UV rays. They’ll also allow light to enter your home without compromising your privacy. And if you want, you can even use sheer shades for room darkening purposes.

Sheer Luminette Modern & Room Darkening Shades

There are a few different types of sheer window shades. The first ones are called sheer Luminette modern and room darkening shades, and they’re a vertical shade application featuring a sheer fabric face that can either allow light to stream into your home or keep it out. You can use these shades to control light and to provide privacy in any area of your home.

Sheer Backing Pirouette Window Shades

The second type of sheer window shades are called sheer backing Pirouette window shades. They have horizontal fabric vanes that are attached to a sheer backing, and they excel when it comes to gently filtering light coming into your home. You can enhance the views that you have in your home without sacrificing privacy in the process.

Sheer Silhouette and Nantucket Shades

Sheer silhouette and Nantucket shades are another option for those interested in installing custom sheer window shades from Boca Blinds. They come with a signature S-Vane that allows them to float between two different sheers to increase practicality. When you have the shades closed, they’ll provide a soft glow from the light outside while keeping your home private. But when they’re opened, they’ll allow more natural light to enter your home while also opening it up to the world. You can enjoy either option by simply opening or closing sheer silhouette and Nantucket shades from Boca Blinds.

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