Motorization Installation, Repair For Shades & Blinds

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Motorization Installation, Repair Blinds 

Installing motorized blinds in your home is a wonderful way to dress those gorgeous floors to ceiling windows, and also give your home a little privacy. While you may not have to climb a ladder to open and close these high-tech motorized blinds, if they ever need repair, they can be a pain.

In order to properly repair a broken motorized blind, you have to know how it works.

Here at Boca Blinds, however, we make sure that having your motorized blinds installed and repaired is no big deal. When we install or repair blinds or shades, our truck is always loaded with exactly the right equipment that our technicians might need. Since we don’t use another company to repair our products, there is an expert present at every installation and repair.

We Know Our Products In & OutMotorization Installation, Repair For Shades & Blinds

Our technicians are trained in our products specifically, and will be able to quickly identity and fix any trouble you might be having with our product.

We guarantee that if you are having any trouble with our products, we will promptly send a technician out to see you, and have the issue, whatever it is, taken care of quickly and efficiently. We are experts in motorized shades and blinds, and while they rarely malfunction, certain issues can occur; we’re experts in fixing those issues.

At Boca Blinds, you’ll get full service, from design advice when you are choosing your blinds, to expert installation, and quick and efficient repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.