Watch Out For These Needed Blind Repairs

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Watch out for These Needed Blind Repairs

Every day we raise our blinds and say good morning to the world around us. We get so used to it that when they don’t work properly, it comes as a shock.

Now, we aren’t all experts in blinds and how they work, so we may not know what repairs they need.

However, most of the parts that can break are visible to us, we just have to know what they are so we can fix them.

Don’t Let Broken Blinds Get You Down

Start by looking at the top or your blinds at the barrel. This is a round drum in which the strings of the blind move around when the string is pulled.

After a time, it can become brittle and snap, letting the strings loose causing the blind to hang funny.

Another common issue is the lift strings breaking. This can lead to the blinds hanging unevenly and be unable to move. The slats of your blinds also can break very easily. If this happens, it would be smart to call in a professional and have them handle it.

They will take care of the strings as well as properly positioning the new slat or slats on the blind.

Boca Blinds offers professional blind design and installation for numerous windows. Our experienced staff will work with you to make sure the blinds in your home are installed properly so you can enjoy them.

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