How To Take Charge Of Your Bedroom’s Blinds

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How to take charge of your Bedroom’s Blinds

Outfitting your bedroom with new window treatments and blinds can be so much fun, but how do you know where to start?

If you’re a night owl with tendencies to sleep late, we have the perfect blackout curtains for you. But if you’re an early riser who likes to see the sunshine streaming through the windows in the morning, check out some of these options.

Silhouette shades are perfect for early risers, because they give you 100% privacy while still letting that glorious morning sunshine stream in. Early risers might also like our custom roman fabric shades. Fabric shades give you a lot more light than heavier materials, like wood, and are easily adjustable while still offering you the privacy you need.

For light sleepers who may not want to wake up with the sun every day, try a wood shade. Wood shades, while also having a classic, comfortable décor, will shut out a decent amount of light and let you snooze past sunrise on the weekends. If you have a large window in the bedroom, check out our solar shade, which keeps out just the right amount of light to let you sleep, but won’t let the room feel as dark as a basement.

No matter what kind of light you want in your bedroom in the morning, we have the right set of blinds for you here at Boca Blinds. Some of these blinds are very high tech, and can be a bit intimidating to install on your own—but that’s why we have a professional installation team!

Our team will install your favorite shades in no time without hassle. Contact us today and schedule your installation.