Cellular Shade Advantages

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Cellular Shade Advantages

Many people know that cellular shades are good for the environment as well as our energy bills. Unfortunately, most aren’t aware of the other advantages like insulation, light blocking and safety that are associated with them as well.

Not only are they beneficial to your home, they come in a variety of colors and shapes, so they are great for every home.

Cellular shades are great insulators and will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so your home will be more energy efficient. Installing them several inches from the window allows for good circulation and will prevent ice from building up on your windows.

In the summer, this insulation can help cut down your air conditioning bills and block the harsh sun rays. Because you are using less energy, you are releasing fewer toxins into the environment. You’ll be saving money and the world.

As well as great insulators, cellular shades can come with different grades of light filtration. You can purchase blackout shades that will block out any unwanted light. Or you can purchase translucent shades that will allow the light to enter but still provide privacy.

Cellular shades are safer for small children and pets because they won’t get tangled up in cords. The shades look much cleaner without the chords; however you would have to raise them manually, so they would only go as high as you can reach.

If you do decide to go with a chord, they are designed to break apart if someone gets stuck in them. They will unsnap so no one gets stuck.

There are many options for cellular shades and blinds but no matter your choice, you will conserve energy and reduce your impact on the environment. For more information about cellular shades, please contact Boca Blinds today.